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Sex E - 4 caps
For centuries, people have used various 'aphrodisiac' herbs from around the world to inspire heated passion, and enhanced performance. Sex-e lets you ...
11.52 €
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Psychotria Viridis
Psychotria viridis is een hallucinogene plant uit Zuid-Amerika. Deze plant is sterk gerelateerd aan de koffieplant, en bevat N,N-DMT. Psychotria virid...
25.39 €
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Nicotiana tabacum seeds
For most people it will be no surprise to hear that the Nicotiana tabacum plant forms the basis for tobacco. In its natural habitat, South-America, th...
5.81 €
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The Euphori-E (U4E) is a blend of ingredients that will give you a special and happy sensation. You will have all night and more with Euphori-E. Give ...
9.16 €
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Easyleaf - J Tube - Metal Joint Holder - Thin or Fat
Easyleaf - J Tube - Metal Joint Holder - Thin or FatYour joints and rolled cigarettes will stay fragrantly fresh and in perfect shape in this tough me...
7.60 €
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Mexican Haze Gefeminiseerd
Mexican Haze Gefeminiseerd
MEXICAN HAZE Gefeminiseerd
Already famous in our collection.
With a blend of Jack Herer and Haze this plant has a fruity and fresh taste.
The Mexican Haze Gefeminiseerd belongs t...

10 Cannabiszaden
60.00 €
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