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Brass screens various sizes (100x)
100 x brass screens - various sizes to choose from. ( See drop list )...
14.40 €
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Glass bong Spiral
Before the smoke reaches the water it's pulled through a glass spiral for maximum cooling. This beautifully shaped bong comes in a luxurious storage b...
27.50 €
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WS Glass Skull Bowl - Blue
Weed Star Glass Skull Bowl - BlueSome of us will buy just about anything if it's got skulls on it, but everyone can agree that Weed Star's Skull Bowl ...
16.00 €
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FUTUROLA King Size Cigarette Roller (TM)
The Original Futurola King Size Cigarette Roller. For unhandy beginners or advanced smokers who are too busy to roll a decent doobie, here is the answ...
15.50 €
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PYRETHRIN EXTRACT is an ecological insecticide, obtained from natural plant extracts (crysantemun piretrum). Characteristics include rapid action on c...
49.71 €
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Holland´s Hope
Holland´s Hope
Holland´s Hope is a stable mix of Afghan and an early Skunk.
Holland´s Hope is an ideal plant for the outdoor grower cultivating in cool climates and where short summe...

10 Seeds
35.00 €
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