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Seed Pack
All these seeds are good for growing in your own garden or in a pot or plant container. This pack contains 7 different seeds. A nice pack to enjoy a b...
26.97 €
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Colored Slide
Slide- 14.5 mm Glass on Glass, Fumed Shortie with Red Color Swirls and Magnifier...
33.61 €
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Platinum Blunt Wraps - Mello Mango
Made from the finest blend of slow burning, smooth tasting tobaccos. The Platinum Blunt wraps are by far the most fragrant blunts we?ve seen! Each b...
134.67 €
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Colored Inside Out Spoon
Thick inside out spoon with dichro, color frit, cane and multiple magnifiers....
51.86 €
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Beaker Based Bong - Pink/Black
Tube - 14 Inch, 50mm Heavy wall, Art, Color Work & Color Dots, Color Lip Wrap Top, Ice Notches & 14.5 mm Glass on Glass on Glass Ground Joints with Di...
137.65 €
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PPP Feminized
PPP Feminized 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds!
100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds!100% Feminized Pure Power Plant is a strong mostly sativa variety developed in the late 90´s from South African s...

5 Semi
32.50 €
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