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The Bulldog Amsterdam - Carved Stone Herb Grinder in Decorative Case - 2 part
The Bulldog Amsterdam - Carved Stone Herb Grinder in Decorative Case - 2 partThis 2-part stone herb grinder makes a fun and practical souvenir from Th...
32.01 €
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Big Afghan Skunk - 10
Afghani #1 is a pure indica variety from Afghanistan. It was initially selected for its dense buds and copious resin production, which made it exc...
31.56 €
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NEEM OIL is efficient against insects in any larval or pupal state, indicated for ecological plant cultivation. USE This product is recommended for t...
11.64 €
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NXT Phase Orange - Between C and E
The NXT PHASE has arrived! Every NXT PHASE-formula has its own feeling, strength and nuance. By going through our rainbow spectrum, everyone can disco...
15.45 €
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White Widow Feminized
In the mid 1990´s a legend was born. White Widow Feminized almost instantly appeared on about every coffeeshop menu in Holland. This masterpiec...
47.50 €
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New Purple Power
New Purple Power
In the late 80´s the famous import purple strains were very popular to smoke but would not grow so well in the northern European climate.
New Purple Power was developed so t...

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35.00 €
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