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Acrylic bong Classic, small
Small, handy and compact bong. Populair among 'die hard hitters' and starters as well. Available in green, yellow, blue, purple and red. Height: 18 c...
13.50 €
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Ceramic Hand Pipe - Small Skull
Ceramic Hand Pipe - Small SkullFor well over a decade, ceramics artist Justin Moeller has been making these ceramic pipes in the mountains of Santa Cr...
7.20 €
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Headcase Budhead
They make a click clack sound, an ingenious system for stashing your herbs, a little out of the ordinary, very cool box!...
5.59 €
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Raspberry Flavored Papers - 1 Pack
Juicy Jay's for those times when you just want to roll a really long joint or you just like the smell. These papers are so potent that they only have ...
1.86 €
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Magic Glass Bongs are not mass produced glass bongsThese bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glassUnder the highest quality standards All bong...
99.54 €
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Indoor Mix Feminized
Indoor Mix Feminized
This package contains feminized seeds from a top selection of indoor varieties like Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant and Skunk #1!
New varieties with improved properties like...

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30.00 €
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