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Scale On Balance - Table-Top (1000 x 0.1 g)
This digital table scale from On Balance weighs up to one kilo and is precise up to 0.1 gram. ...
72.00 €
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Ceramic bong Alien
4 person alien bong! Hit together with your friends. This high quality ceramic bong is about 20 cm in height and weighs 965 grams. Size: 20 cm. Weigh...
20.00 €
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Weed Star - Le Frog Glass Slide Bowl - 14.5mm
Weed Star - Le Frog Glass Slide Bowl - 14.5mmYou know it when you see it — the perfect piece that totally matches your bong set up. Whatever your th...
13.02 €
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Keep Calm and Hit a Bong - Hard Case for iPhone 5
Bright green protective case for iPhone 5!Lightweight polycarbonateClassic white block printCut-outs for camera and port access...
18.01 €
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Coloured tips ribble - 1 booklet
Paper Filter Tips - Colored and Perforated - 1 bookletYou can use any bit of heavy paper in a pinch but it's always best to use a real paper filter ti...
0.79 €
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Swiss Miss
Swiss Miss
Swiss Miss was originally bred in the Swiss Alps.
A mix of a very early skunk and a hearty strain Nepal.
Swiss Miss can withstand cool high altitude nights.
Swiss Miss is mold res...

10 Semi
42.50 €
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