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With the 00Box you can safely store your favorite herb. It features an extraction system to separate the polm from the leaves and a hygrometer and humidifier for perfect conservation of taste and aroma. Available in 3 sizes.

Small: 17 x 24,5 x 10,6 cm
Medium: 22 x 32 x 10,6 cm
Large: 32 x 46,6 x 10,6 cm

Extraction system

In the bottom of the box there is a fine filter, that separates the polm from the leaves. The polm is collected in the drawer situated below.

Store your herb

The 00BOX is made of cedar wood. Cedar wood is non-porous, but at the same time allows the marijuana to obtain the aroma and flavor of the wood, increasing its qualities.


For best conservation of taste and aroma, a hygrometer to monitor the humidity and a humidifier to provide the necessary humidity is included. The ideal humidity for cannabis is around 60%.
00box has won First prize for "best paraphernalia product"at the Spannabis fair in 2007.

80.00 €
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