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Fumed Taster
Fumed taster with small color mushroom magnifier. Comes with either a blue, green or red mushroom....
16.01 €
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Sidecar - Colored and Fumed
Dry sidecar featuring layered silver and gold fume with color, a magnifier and a maria in the stem....
159.26 €
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Barbarella┬┤s tip for spontaneous stopovers on planets of love. The main aphrodisiacs in this organic herbal liqueur (15% alc./vol., 30 ml, bio) are ...
3.62 €
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Hemp tea (lemon balm)
Hemp leaves from German organic cultivation - the new anti-stress solution. Does not contain THC. Usage Mix 1 table spoon with 1/3 of a liter of boi...
5.81 €
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Noble Glass Extra Large Purple Glass Bong with Black Wrap
Noble Glass Extra Large Purple Glass Bong with Black WrapThis tall purple glass bong from Noble Glass comes with a beautiful black wrap all around th...
120.05 €
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Indoor Mix Feminized
Indoor Mix Feminized
This package contains feminized seeds from a top selection of indoor varieties like Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant and Skunk #1!
New varieties with improved properties like...

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30.00 €
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