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White Lotus (Nymphaea alba)
White Lotus (Nymphaea alba)
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White Lotus is a well-known and common water lily. It is closely related to Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea). Both plants have a similar alkaloid content and effects are said to be very much the same: both narcotic and euphoric. During WW I when the German colonies in Africa couldn’t obtain opiates from India for anaesthesia, they found that an extract of Nymphaea alba worked quite well.


White Lotus is both narcotic and euphoric. Like Blue Lotus, the plant is said to increase sexual arousal and enjoyment.


To make tea, take 5 grams per person and soak in hot water. You can also soak the flowers in an alcoholic drink for several hours. Use approximately 5 grams per bottle. Do not exceed recommended dosage: White Lotus makes the wine bitter and hard to drink.
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