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Molino Headie - Bonsai Tree
Molino Headie - Bonsai Tree
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Molino glass continue to make stunning artistic pieces that go far beyond any other pipes and bubblers out there.

These Molino Glass Headie Pipes are no exception, and might just be their most amazing creations to date.
The patterns on the glass are strong and vibrantly coloured, and the very individual designs and shapes of each range are truly masterful works of art. Everything about these Headie Pipes reveals an extremely high quality in both their manufacture and design, and they provide a damn good smoke too!
The Molino Glass Headie Pipe - Bonsai Tree is one of the most intricately designed pieces of the Headie Pipe range. It has a small Bonsai-like tree suspended in a round glass bead attached to the bowl. There are also two other large marbles with flowers suspended within, and an extra long pipe with horns and beads like that of a dragon's tail decorated all around it.
145.13 €
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