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Budbat Silver
Budbat Silver
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The Budbat holds more tobacco, wastes less, and lets you control inhalation. And it's shaped like a baseball bat, obviously.

Grasscity has always brought you the best new pipes and smoking equipment. And the new Budbat is one of the most exciting additions to our range yet

The Budbat comes from the people who brought you the legendary Bud Bomb. The most striking thing about it is its unique baseball bat design. Admittedly it won't help you hit a home run, but with the stylish chrome finish, the Budbat certainly looks pretty damn cool

But the Budbat isn't one of these all looks and no substance jobbies, no way. It's also an extremely cleverly built pipe, with larger than average capacity for a pipe of its size, thanks to dugout bowl design. This revolutionary design allows the pipe to retain its sleek and slim appearance despite its high loading capacity

Another distinctive and effective feature of the Budbat is the nine-hole flame entry system, designed for increased burning capacity. This also allows the user to ignite just part of their chosen smoking material rather than the whole lot at once. This way you can choose how much you inhale at once according to taste, or supplies

The Budbat also features a small easy access storage compartment, ideal for that secret personal supply for those extra stressful times. And if your supplies are dwindling and your local tobacconist' isn't answering his phone, don't worry. The Budbat has an extra airhole for greater combustion, meaning no excess smoke afterwards, and therefore no wastage

The Budbat looks great, works brilliantly, and is easily concealed in anti-smoking environments thanks to its slim design.
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