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Glasscity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm
Glasscity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm
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GlassCity - The Bubblicious Bong - 7mm - With ice notches

Get unbelievable bubbling with GlassCity's new Bubblicious bong! Treat yourself to ultimate diffusion from our tough 7mm-thick glass bong!
Featuring a stable beaker base, deep sand-blasted and engraved GlassCity logo, and ice notches for cooling down your smoke, this bong packs a lot of features for your money. The sturdy 29.2 mm joint comes fitted with a big, gridded, flame-polished pearl diffuser with a 18.8 mm joint. Nestled neatly inside the diffuser is a welded honeycomb 5-arm tree percolator, whose 14.5 mm joint holds a deep glass bowl with handle and built-in screen.
GlassCity is the house brand from We're proud to offer powerful and durable high-quality glass bongs and accessories you can count on for years of smoking fun!
132.05 €
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