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WS Honey Precooler 18.8 mm
WS Honey Precooler 18.8 mm
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Weed Star Honey Precooler 18.8 mm

The Honey precooler by Weed Star is made from durable, 5 mm thick clear glass and gets it's name due to it's honeycomb disc diffuser. The honeycomb disc diffuses the smoke by forcing it through the hundreds of little holes, providing double filtration before the smoke even reaches your bong. This results in a cool, clean, super smooth toke that is very easy on the lungs and throat, but still packed with flavor.
The Honey precooler measures 12 cm / 4.7 inches in hight and comes with a reinforced 18.8 mm fixed female downstem and an 18.8 mm male joint that fits perfectly into any glass bongs female joint. This piece comes decorated with a red glass bead and the Weed Star logo in red letters running up the fixed downstem and due to its straight up cut, this ashcatcher is compatible with straight tube bongs.
This sweet looking piece is available to order now and is a must have for all smokers who are searching for a great performing ashcatcher at an unbeatable price.
23.21 €
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