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2K Diffuser Beads - Choice of 9 colors
2K Diffuser Beads - Choice of 9 colors
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2K Diffuser Beads - Choice of 7 colors

This little jar full of colored beads is as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys! Pour them directly into the chamber of your bong or bubbler to break up your smoke into hundreds of little bubbles for smooth, deliciously cool smoke — especially when used in combination with other diffusion and percolation accessories like a diffuser downstem, a carbon adapter, bong attachments or your bong's own built-in percolation system. Your rip will be surprisingly easy on your throat and lungs thanks to these little beads!
The beads collect tar and resin to help keep your waterpipe cleaner for longer. To clean the beads, just put them back into the jar, fill with cleaning solution and shake vigorously! The cap of the jar comes with a poker attached underneath, which can be used to move around the contents of your bowl. We have four different colors of the 2K Diffuser Beads available for sale on our site, allowing you to customize your bong set up with your choice of white, pink, red, blue, green, rasta or glow-in-the-dark beads!
Take a look at the video for an exciting demonstration!
12.00 €
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