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Molino Premium Bong Line - 5mm - 40cm - Black Logo
Molino Premium Bong  Line - 5mm - 40cm - Black Logo
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Look what you have been missing!A fantastic 5mm thick smoking device from Molino Glass. This 5mm Black version comes in a height of 40 cm and a diameter of 50mm.
Like all other Premium Glass Bongs, this model has ice notches for a cool and fantastic smoking experience.
A new special engraving technique is used, which results in a beautiful engraving on every tube, with a powder-coated color with a pearl effect for a very luxurious and quality look and feel of the Tube. This bong feels like a rock solid device in your hands and is virtually unbreakable, this bong will last you a lifetime.

Bistable Joint

This Molino tube now comes with a bistable joint as standard, this adds 40% more glass to the ground notch, adding more stability and making it less vulnerable to breaking.

5mm and 7mm Tubes for a very competitive price

The new Premium line bongs from Molino Glass now offers an unmatched grade of quality, durability and stability.
Where as comparable bong brands offer 5mm and 7mm wall-thickness in the price range of several hundreds of dollars, the new production line from Molino offers the same (if not better) quality for a fraction of those costs.
This is possible because of a new highly automated and efficient production facility of Molino Glass which as been taken into production last spring.
We believe so much in the production quality of the new Premium Line from Molino Glass, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee * if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
(* Money Back guarantee applies to fully unused bongs, pipes and accessories, the items must be returned to us in the original packaging, within 30 days after purchase of the parcel. The purchase will be refunded or a credit will be granted after we receive the return shipment. )
72.03 €
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