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Bud Bomb 2000 - Metal Hand Pipe - Gold
Bud Bomb 2000 - Metal Hand Pipe - Gold
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The budbomb gold is a pipe of revolutionary design and it seems to have taken the smoking world by storm.

The budbomb gold has been designed for a cool, clean smoke. To enable this to occur the smoke needs to go through a cooling process. This is achieved by the precision made helix that runs through the center of the pipe. Upon inhaling the smoke, it has to travel around the air tight helix, through the circular corridor of the pipe. As the smoke has to travel such a great distance, it cools by the time it reaches your mouth.
The budbomb gold can be broken down into four components. The mouthpiece, helix, main cover and the chamber where the tobacco is burned, these all separate with ease. To allow complete cleansing of heavy tars, separate the pipe and rinse in warm water. This will free any tar and allow you a smoother smoke.
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