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ARF - Alcohol Recovery Formula
ARF - Alcohol Recovery Formula
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Alcohol Recovery Formula is an extensive formula that contains l-glutamine, vitamin C and asparagine acid. Recent scientific insights indicate that these ingredients speed up the degradation of alcohol and associated toxins. The ARF contains the following ingredients: Glutamine Glutamine is used in muscle tissue to form muscle proteins and increases the rate of muscle recovery. Additionally, glutamine aids in case of fatigue, improves memory, concentration and alertness and it allows for improved learning performance. Asparagine acid Asparagine acid helps break down alcohol in the blood and plays an important role in the degradation of toxins in the body. Taking asparagine acid before and after drinking increases the degradation of alcohol. Asparagine acid is claimed to be a stimulating neurotransmitter that helps combat fatigue and thus plays an important role in stamina. The more alcohol that needs to be degradated, the more asparagine acid is required. However, in such cases the body cannot produce suffice of this naturally occurring substance to keep up with the demand. It is therefore important to start taking ARF capsules while drinking alcohol. Vitamine C Vitamine C can cause a rapid rise in resistance and has general positive health effects. Vitamine C is known as an important anti-oxydant that protects against free radicals and therefore is important in the preservation of healthy body cells and tissue.


L-glutamine 34 mg, Asparagine acid 234 mg, Vitamin C 546 mg.


Take 1 capsule with every first and every 8th alcohol beverage. Swallow the capsule with water. Take two more capsules before bed. Swallow the capsules whole.


Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed daily recommended dosage. Consumption of alcohol puts your health at risk.
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