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CD Safe
CD Safe
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Hide your valuables where no one would think of looking with this ingenious CD stack safe.

Hiding prized possessions under the bed or in your sock drawer isn't exactly original, not to mention none too secure. But if you can't quite run to your own personal vault, keep your valuables away from light fingers with this unique and cunningly disguised safe. It looks like an everyday stack of CDs, but open the top case, and the CD protector lifts up to reveal a secret hiding hole.
The felt-lined hidden compartment, measuring 4.5 x 4" and 2" deep, is perfect for storing cash, jewelery, keys or credit cards, or even a packet of cigs if your flatmates are too tight to buy their own. A CD will even fit over the felt lid for a more realistic look.
In many ways the CD Safe is better than those tabletop safes you can buy, as no one will try and break into it, as they won't realize it's a safe at all. Just stack it amongst your real CDs, and no tea-leaf will be any the wiser. The only thing way you can be found out is if someone decides they want to listen to Jennifer Spector's ?Ahead of the Game' and tries to open the case. So no worries there then.
The CD Safe comes with a set of alternative labels for the sides of the cases to help you blend it into your music collection. For example, if everyone knows you're a dance nut, you don't have to risk a copy of ?The Rock Revolution' making people suspicious.
Whether it's men in stripes with SWAG bags you're worried about, or your flatmates trying to half-inch your fags, the CD Safe is an essential buy.
22.33 €
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