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Scale Ipod
Scale Ipod
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The looks of this scale resemble the trendsetting iPod design. It is hard to find a scale more compact than this one: it definately slips into your pocket as easy as an iPod. A fine option for anyone who travels a lot.

Dipse guarantees quality and precision, therefore this new scale is just as reliable as its predecessors. This scale's touchscreen operation, backlit display and automatic shut off make weighing even easier. Now it can be done anywhere, anytime!

There are two iPod scale varieties available, each having a different capacity and increments:
Pod 50: 50 gr x 0.01 gr.
Pod 300: 300 gr x 0.1 gr.

  • Touchscreen

  • Four weighing modes

  • Detachable lid-tray

  • Backlit display

  • Auto shut-off

  • Tare/Cal facility

  • 3 year warranty from Dipse

  • 1 x CR-2032 battery
32.50 €
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